Romsdalen Map | Nordeca Turkart Romsdalsfjella Nord (North) 1:50,000

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Romsdalen map Nordeca Turkart Romsdalsfjella Nord covers the northern part of the Romsdal region of Norway. When used in conjunction with the Romsdalsfjella Sor (South) map is covers all the major peaks in the Romsdalen area.  

The 1:50,000 scale is clear and easy to read making this map a good choice for outdoor activities like ski touring and hiking. The map is double sided and consequently covers a large area. It also comes in a lightweight protective case.

Nordeca Turkart 2821

  • Romsdalen North region
  • A great map for ski touring and hiking
  • Supplied with a lightweight protective sleeve
  • 1:50,000 scale
  • All DNT huts marked