Backcountry Books is a small company with a relatively small environmental footprint. However, we're certainly not perfect and are continually assessing and re-assessing how we do things and what improvements we can make from an environmental and sustainability point of view.

Here are a few things we focus on:

  • We ship all our orders in recyclable packaging. 99% of the time this is upcycled paper and cardboard which is very easy to recycle. It's also biodegradable. We will very occasionally use plastic to protect certain items. If this is the case we will use no more than is necessary and try to make sure it's recycled and reusable.
  • Our storage facility and office uses 100% renewable power.
  • We offset the carbon produced when shipping our orders by partnering with Offset by Shopify.
  • We use our vote as to support political parties and individuals who are focused on protecting the natural world. 

Clearly this is pretty much the minimum that we (or any other company for that matter) should be doing where this is concerned. We aim to continually improve where and when we can.