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Haute Route Ski Guide

Haute Route Ski Guide

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Haute Route Ski Guide is a complete guide to a winter traverse of the Haute Route. Written by Didier Lavigne and Francois Damilano, this is one of the most up to date guide books to the Haute Route.

English text. Also available as part of a package.

The Haute Route is the most famous mountain journey in the world. Starting in the French town of Chamonix and finishing in the Swiss resort of Zermatt, the Haute Route travels through some of the biggest and most beautiful terrain the Alps. Usually done in mid - late spring when the snow is most stable and hut guardians are present, the Haute Route shouldn't be underestimated. It is high, long and requires good navigation techniques in bad weather.

This guide is small enough to take on the mountain yet still has a lot of route info and detail. Clear photos, maps and topos all combine with the wealth of access and safety info to provide all the info a skier or splitboarder needs to complete the Haute Route. Information regarding the use of GPS and which maps are required is particularly useful.

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