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Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

Spearhead Backcountry Atlas

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The Spearhead Backcountry Atlas is a guide to the backcountry skiing in the Spearhead Range, British Columbia. Includes the Whistler Blackcomb backcountry.

The Spearhead Backcountry Atlas is a sumptuous guide to the backcountry that surrounds Whistler Blackcomb resort. The area has huge amount of diverse and varied terrain, from lower angle tree runs that are easily accessible from the resort, to big, steep lines in remote locations deep in the range. 

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Author Matt Gunn is a Squamish local and experienced backcountry skier who's travelled extensively in these mountains. His photography in particular stands out in the guide; images are crisp, clear and numerous. Lines of ascent and descent are clearly marked and the image quality is high. 

Extensive info is included on the area also, including a section on the Kees and Claire hut. This guide is highly recommended for anyone looking to travel in the Spearhead Range, or for those who simply want to take their first steps outside the Whistler Blackcomb resort boundary. 

  • Brilliant guide book to the Spearhead Range and Whistler backcountry
  • Clear images with lines of ascent and descent
  • Extensive local info
  • 248 pages

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