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Ski Touring in the Sunnmore Alps

Ski Touring in the Sunnmore Alps

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Ski Touring in the Sunnmore Alps is a beautiful guide book to the best ski tours in the amazing Sunnmore Alps region of Norway.

Also available as part of the Sunnmore Alps Package.

The Sunnmore Alps are situated on the shoulder of Norway, right on the west coast and amongst the world famous fjords. Spectacular peaks that are ideal for ski touring and splitboarding rise straight out of the fjords and valleys. The snow is often deep and plentiful and the scenery is incredible. 

Ski Touring in Sunnmore is one of those guide books that works as both an inspiring coffee table read and also a genuine guide to skiing in the region. Over 350 pages are adorned with gorgeous images and detailed route descriptions. Routes are marked on the images and general maps of all the areas featured are also included. Avalanche safety information, some of with is particular to the Sunnmore Alps is also prevalent. 

Written by local skiers Stig J. Helset and Havard Myklebust and published by Fri Flyt, Ski Touring in the Sunnmore Alps is THE definitive guide to backcountry skiing in the region and essential for anyone looking to visit the area. 

  • The best ski tours in the Sunnmore Alps
  • Large images with clear routes and descriptions
  • Extensive access, safety and local info
  • Routes included - Slogen, Saudehornet, Randers Topp & Eidskyrkja
  • Authors - Stig J. Helset & Havard Myklebust
  • Published by Fri Flyt


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