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Rondane Map | Nordeca Turkart Rondane Nord 1:50,000

Rondane Map | Nordeca Turkart Rondane Nord 1:50,000

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Nordeca Turkart Rondane Nord 1:50,000 is a Rondane map designed for outdoor use. It's perfect for ski touring in Rondane, splitboarding in Rondane, climbing in Rondane, hiking in Rondane and cross country skiing in Rondane. 

Nordeca Turkart Rondane Nord has a 1:50,000 scale and includes ski routes, hiking routes and mountain huts. It is printed on durable paper and comes with a lightweight protective sleeve. This map covers the northern part of Rondane

  • Ideal ski touring in Rondane map
  • 1:50,000 scale
  • Protective case
  • Ski and hiking routes shown
  • Mountain huts shown
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