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Freeride Map Engelberg

Freeride Map Engelberg

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Freeride Map Engelberg is an off piste ski map for Engelberg. Freeride Map highlights the many freeride and off piste routes for skiers and snowboarders in the Swiss resort of Engelberg. With consistently deep snow and incredible terrain, Engelberg is rightly regarded as one of the World's best ski resorts for freeride.

Freeride Maps are an awesome tool for the freeride skier or snowboarder to have in the mountains. Using highly detailed 1:25,000 scale maps as a base, Freeride Maps show popular freeride routes in some of the best areas in the Alps by the use of colour coded overlays. Blue, yellow and red overlays denote the route’s difficulty level. Zones that are particularly prone to avalanche are also highlighted, as are areas protected for wildlife. 

Freeride Maps also have a huge amount of general information regarding basic avalanche and mountain safety protocol, along with specific information pertinent to the the local area. Although we regard Freeride Maps are a really useful tool for the freerider, they do not replace knowledge and experience. If in doubt, hire a local mountain guide.

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