Lofoten Map | Nordeca Turkart Vest-Lofoten 1:50,000 | West Lofoten

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Nordeca Turkart Vest-Lofoten (west Lofoten) 1:50,000 is a Lofoten map designed for outdoor use. It's perfect for ski touring in Lofoten, splitboarding in Lofoten, climbing in Lofoten and hiking in Lofoten.

Nordeca Turkart Vest Lofoten has a 1:50,000 scale and includes ski routes, hiking routes and mountain huts. It is printed on durable paper and comes with a lightweight protective sleeve. 

This map covers the most southern and western part of the Lofoten Islands. It is available as part of a package. Click here for all our Lofoten maps and guide books. 

  • Ideal ski touring in Lofoten map
  • 1:50,000 scale
  • Protective case
  • Ski and hiking routes shown
  • Mountain huts shown