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Lyngen Package No. 1

Lyngen Package No. 1

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A great package option for anyone visiting the Lyngen / Tromso region. Get Ski Touring in Troms, The Lyngen Alps - Skiing, Climbing, Trekking and the Nordeca Lyngen map for 5% off the usual combined price.

Items included in Lyngen Package No.1:

Ski Touring in Troms

The Lyngen Alps - Skiing, Climbing, Trekking

Nordeca Lyngenhalvoya Map

These two books actually complement each other rather well. Ski Touring in Troms by local guide Espen Nordahl is the perfect all round touring guide book to the Lyngen region. Along with the Lyngen Peninsula, it also covers areas closer to Tromso like Kvaloya and Malangen along with other zones like Tamokdalen and Kafjord too. It's a great guide book for everyone from first time ski tourers and splitboarders through to experts. 

The Lyngen Alps - Skiing, Climbing, Trekking concentrates primarily on the Lyngen area and covers more expert terrain than Ski Touring in Troms with many couloirs and big faces described. Winter climbing routes are also described, along with some trekking routes too. This is a hardback book, Ski Touring in Troms has a soft cover. 

Nordeca Lyngenhalvøya Map covers both the North and South Peninsulas. It's ideal for ski touring use. 

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