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There's often a choice of guide books for any given area and it's sometimes difficult to know which guide to go for. Sometimes to get the best overview and info on an area it's worth buying more than one guide or a combination of guide books and maps. That's where Backcountry Books Packages come in. 

We've bundled together the best guide books and maps for the most popular backcountry skiing locations. To give added value for money we've also added a discount of 10% or more over the usual price if the items were purchased individually. 

Chamonix guide books backcountry books

Chamonix Package No.4 - all the info you need for a winter in Chamonix!

So, if you're planning a trip to Chamonix this winter, for example, we have multiple guide book and map package options so you can get a great overview of the area at a great price. Likewise for the Arlberg and the ski touring mecca that is Lyngen. 

Here are a few examples:

Chamonix Package No.4 includes:

The package price is £88.99, a saving of over 10% the normal price. There are three other Chamonix Packages to choose from. 

Backcountry Books Arlberg

Off piste in the Arlberg. Image - Backcountry Books

Arlberg Package No.1 contains:

With two Freeride Maps, an off piste guide and a ski touring guide to the area, you've got the entire Arlberg area covered. 

Lyngen Package No.1 contains the 2 most popular guides books to the area - Ski Touring in Troms and The Lyngen Alps - Skiing, Climbing Trekking. The 2 guides actually complement each other really well and are definitely worth the investment before making a trip to the area. We'll have some maps for Lyngen in stock this winter too - watch this space. 

Backcountry Books Lyngen

The majestic Lyngen Alps. Image - Backcountry Books

If a combination of books and / or maps that you're looking for isn't in stock, just contact us and we may be able to help. 



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