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Ski Touring Around Narvik

Ski Touring Around Narvik

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Ski Touring Around Narvik is a sumptuous guide book to ski touring in the Narvik and Riksgransen area. It's published by Fri Flyt and written by local legend Mikael af Ekenstam.

Ski Touring Around Narvik follows uses the excellent and established Fri Flyt format of having wonderful images, excellent route descriptions and good local info. Routes are drawn on both images and topographical maps which gives a great overview of the lines. 

Narvik is one of Northern Norway's best areas for ski touring and splitboarding. From the descents into Morkholla off the top of Narvik resort, to proper remote multi day wilderness adventures, this area has it all. The mountains are beautiful, the snow plentiful and the Arctic light incredible. The Narvik area fully deserves to sit alongside Arctic Norway's other premier locations, such as Lyngen and Lofoten, as a world class backcountry skiing and snowboarding venue.

Our Narvik ski touring map can be found here

Ski Touring Around Narvik features the following zones:

  • Narvik
  • Skjomen
  • Ballangen
  • Efjord-Tysfjorden
  • Bogen - Grovfjord
  • Gratangen - Lavangen
  • Hunndalen
  • Riksgransen
  • Bjorkliden
  • Abisko


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